Executive MBA

Executive MBA (EMBA)

Our CMI accredited Executive MBA is designed for business leaders who want to develop rich and versatile skill sets with which to manage the complex social, cultural, technical and organisational issues in contemporary business markets and environments.


Global MBA

Our CMI accredited Global MBA is focused specifically on employability and enhancing employability skills and will facilitate students to develop general communication and inter-personal skills.


Sustainable Business MBA

Our new MBA in Sustainable Business is geared towards developing the social, organisational and technical competencies of existing and potential business leaders, thereby enabling them to be effective change agents in the transition towards a low-carbon economy and to manage corporate sustainability.


Intercultural Business Communication

Intercultural Business Communication MSc

The MSc in Intercultural Business Communication will equip you with expertise in intercultural theory and practice, as well as a specialist knowledge of global patterns in language use and the dynamics of communication amongst people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds in the workplace and beyond.


Business Management in Sport MSc

The Business Management in Sport MSc is a programme that will explore the evolving and multi-faceted area of management in sport through core business modules and bespoke sport modules. This programme focuses on governance structures, ethical considerations, major competitions, sports marketing and sport’s political, social, economic and cultural contexts.


Business Management in the Creative Industries MSc

The course provides a platform for students to enhance career prospects in the creative industries through a combination of theoretical and practical learning and is ideal for students from backgrounds in design, arts, media, technology design, gaming and film who are seeking to enhance their business skills.


Global Banking and Finance MSc

This programme provides students with an understanding of domestic and global financial systems, the impact of global and domestic financial crises and issues of regulation and control by international monetary authorities. The course is ideal for students who wish to pursue careers in financial regulation, banking, finance and risk management, insurance and actuarial science.


Global Finance and Investment MSc

The Global Finance and Investment MSc degree programme will provide students with an understanding of domestic and global financial systems and bring together the major financial issues of investment and risk management. The course is ideal for students who wish to pursue careers in investment, finance and risk management, insurance and actuarial science.



Business of Motorsport MA

The Business of Motorsport MA is a programme that is specifically designed to meet the growing needs of the business side of motorsport. You will have the opportunity to explore the evolving and multi-faceted area of motorsport management through core and bespoke motorsport modules.