Executive Company Project

“It is a great resource for businesses at no cost and little time. We received some good consultancy and a market report from a very able student.”  Andrea Patel, Dermacare Direct

Leicester Castle Business School offers organisations an opportunity to benefit from the skills and perspective of a master’s student whilst also providing valuable work experience.

Executive Company Projects (ECP’s) are an alternative to a traditional theory-based dissertation, giving students the chance to apply their knowledge and experience to a specific business issue.

Executive Company Project students are available three times a year from February to April, June to August and October to December and are offered in two forms:

  • An on-site ‘internship’ where the student conducts business research tasks at the business premises
  • A ‘consultative’ project which is conducted remotely, enabled via Skype, email and telephone

Every business has times when they need a skilled resource for a short period e.g. to investigate an initiative or research and remedy an issue. Usually employees have limited time to spare on these projects or the budget is not available to hire staff.

The Executive Company Project is a resource that businesses can utilise for exactly this situation. Master’s students are equipped with significant skills that are useful to businesses e.g. social media, financial analysis, business process re-engineering, digital marketing, customer and competitor intelligence and analysis, international trade, project and risk management.

Examples of previous Executive Company Projects:

  • Skincare company: Customer market research project
  • Financial software company: Competitor analysis, examining current positioning in the market
  • Solicitors: Competitor analysis and research to exploit the unique status and brand
  • Recruitment corporate: Identify gaps and opportunities and outline short, medium and long-term strategic approach and make proposals for specific activities that should be undertaken
  • Regional county council: Support the development of the medium to long-term market opportunity analysis for key commercial products and services
  • Online retailer: Develop a multi-channel branding strategy using social media platforms
  • UK event management company: Prepare exhibition stand design and sponsorship strategy for a major industry exhibition
  • UK engineering company: Conduct turnover and revenue analysis for wage restructuring

Would you like a master’s student, trained in the latest business skills, to work on your projects?

The process:

1. Send an email to ecp@dmu.ac.uk and we will send you a blank project brief and some anonymised examples.
2. Complete the project brief with a summary of your organisation and project, what skills the student should have, and what the individual elements of the project will be.
3. Project Briefs are checked for suitability by the ECP team to ensure that the organisation and student receives the most value.
4. Our students will receive guidance on professionalism in the workplace, and business conduct. These students are then filtered and matched with organisations.
5. Students are introduced to the project host and Academic Tutor to ensure a 24/7 support mechanism.

Benefits of an ECP:

• Valuable consultancy for your business
• Support with solving a current business challenge
• Multilingual speakers to assist with international business research e.g. exporting
• Work with a master’s student trained in the latest business skills to add value to your organisation
• Credible, current knowledge for both the student and the employer

Project briefs must be submitted by February for the June start date, August for the October start date and September for the February start date.

*We cannot guarantee applications from students