Cocoa in Context: Academic knowledge transfer to promote sustainability and good practices in cocoa cultivation

Two day seminar

The Cocoa in Context Masterclass at Leicester Castle Business School is intended to help companies and other stakeholders working in the cocoa sector to put in place more effective interventions and policies based on sound academic research. Issues related to the sustainability and ethics of cocoa have gained enormous viability in the public domain in recent years and have placed unprecedented pressure on a variety of stakeholders to address wide-ranging issues such as child labour, gender inequality and low income/productivity.

Many of these issues have been the subject of in-depth research and have generated interesting findings which could help inform policymaking and strengthen the effectiveness of interventions. This research, however, does not always reach external stakeholders because findings are not put on open access. It is also not readily usable by non-academic audiences because it is written in specialist academic language and in lengthy formats.

To overcome these issues, this Masterclass offers a translation of some of the research on particular topics in a user-friendly and non-academic format.

Through attending this seminar, you will:

  • Engage with academic research and publications in a user-friendly way
  • Be provided with the latest thinking on policy-relevant topics based on independent and peer reviewed academic work
  • Have the opportunity to focus on a specific issue faced by your organisation relevant to the cocoa sector
  • Develop your ability to formulate effective policies on the basis of sound research

Delivered by: Dr. Amanda Berlan

Trained as a Social Anthropologist, Dr. Amanda Berlan’s specialisation is in the field of sustainable agriculture, with a particular focus on cocoa and the chocolate industry. Amanda is keen to promote a better understanding of sustainability issues based on high quality empirical research. She has 17 years’ experience in the sector and has carried out extensive fieldwork with cocoa-producing communities in West Africa, India and the Carribbean.

Price: Upon application

This seminar is bespoke for clients please contact us for a date to suit you