Executive Company Project Students Impress on Thailand Placement

Multiple times a year, Leicester Castle Business School (LCBS) provides postgraduate students with the exciting opportunity to put their degree skills into practice by taking part in an Executive Company Project (ECP). During their ECPs, students are placed with prestigious companies in order to conduct research projects free of charge, as requested by their host. The initiative replaces the traditional, written dissertation.

There are currently over one hundred and fifty postgraduate students on ECPs in the UK and abroad, with over fifty companies benefitting from the insights of the students.

LCBS postgraduate students, Rungrawee Tangphotthaweesuk and Athiwat Chen, are conducting outstanding work on their ECP in Thailand with leading travel retail group, King Power International.

The Start of an Exciting Placement

In what the students have described as a ‘golden experience to launch our career’, Athiwat and Rungrawee have been conducting valuable work with King Power International five-days a week. The students’ research is being carried out at the company offices and at the The King Power Rangnam duty-free store.  Students have been observing customer buying behaviour and liaising with different departments to gather valuable data. This will in turn support marketing and merchandising strategies.

This has been an invaluable experience which has refined the students’ understanding of the inner-workings of the company. Of the ECP experience, Rungrawee has said: ‘it’s a real world roller coaster. It’s exciting, nerve wracking but a fantastic experience’.  Athiwat has said ‘Thailand is a wonderful place to experience a real world working environment. The people and business culture are welcoming and open to everyone regardless of who they are’.

Look out for further news as we follow the progress of Athiwat, Rungrawee and our other talented postgraduate students on their ECPs.

To find out more about the Executive Company Project, and how it may benefit your business, contact us at ecp@dmu.ac.uk.