Our approach to personal success

We believe that developing personal and professional skills and helping you achieve success are as important as the subjects you study. As part of your course at Leicester Castle Business School, we place a strong focus on learning, enhancing and practising these skills.

During your studies you will focus on developing personal, interpersonal, cognitive and technical skills. Underpinning these personal and professional skills are five important core values; leadership, creativity, community, integrity and global-mindedness. We will encourage and support you to think about these values, what they mean to you and how you interpret and incorporate them in to your professional life.

Many of these skills are interrelated and as you develop skills in one area you will be enhancing and building on skills in another.

Opportunities to learn, develop and practice personal and professional development skills are built into the curriculum as well as offered as extracurricular lectures, workshops and seminars.

Below are some of the current activities we offer:

• ‘Visionary Leadership in Challenging Times’ Speaker Series
• Enhancing your Presentation Skills for Professional Success Workshop
• Business Press Breakfast Club
• Networking for Professional Success Workshop
• Knowing and Developing Yourself for Professional Success module (postgraduate courses)
• Coaching Yourself for Professional Success Workshop
• Project Management in a Day
• Getting Started on LinkedIn
• Online Financial Data Seminar

Leicester Castle Business School is dedicated to equipping you with the personal and professional development skills needed to thrive in your chosen career.