Twilight Series – Diversity and Inclusion

This short series of speed workshops will address current issues in the world of diversity and inclusion, focusing on the practical realities of identity and the difference in society and the workplace. They are not designed to teach you the intricacies of human rights or equality legislation, but to give you a broad and practical understanding of each topic. In each session, Dr. Chris Bradshaw will present a unique perspective on the realities of managing the modern organisation of all sectors and sizes, whether SME, public sector or multinational, from the standpoint of inclusive cultures and fair treatment for all employees.

In this series we have four sessions at £25 per session, or you can book all four at a special discounted price of £20 each.

Twilight Series – Diversity and Inclusion Date Price Booking
Session 1: Have we taken the fun out of work? – Sexual harassment in the work place
This session reflects on the recent publicity concerning Hollywood and Westminster and the result of this on business owners, managers and HR specialists to address concerns over workplace behaviour.
Wed 16th May 2018 5.30 – 6.30pm £25 Book now
Session 2: Why is a man worth more than a woman? – The gender pay gap
The requirement to report Gender Pay Gaps in April 2018 refocuses the attention on a recurring theme in equality work. This session will start with a historical perspective and will advise organisations on what steps should and could be taken.
Wed 23rd May 2018 5.30 – 6.30pm £25 Book now
Session 3: I don’t even know I dislike you! – Unconscious bias
Since the early days of Human Rights declarations and equality legislation, there has been a premise that ‘all people are equal and should be treated fairly’, but how does this work in reality? This session will examine the effects of unconscious bias and provide practical ideas for business owners, managers and HR professionals.
Wed 13th June 2018 5.30 – 6.30pm £25 Book now
Session 4: I have nothing against these people – Some of my best friends are LGBTQ+
Exploring sensitive issues around sexual identity and gender reassignment in relation to diversity management, this session will provide a legal and institutional context and suggest some policy and practical solutions for 21st century organisations.
Wed 20th June 2018 5.30 – 6.30pm £25 Book now